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Are you over the age of 40? Do you have difficulty seeing to read the newspaper or text messages on your phone? This change to your vision may be presbyopia, an age-related eye condition that causes the lens of the eye to gradually lose elasticity. Most people start to notice the effects of presbyopia after age 40, when they have a hard time reading small print or viewing objects up-close.

The TECNIS Symfony® intraocular lens implant, or IOL, is implanted during cataract surgery to help mitigate the effects of presbyopia. As a result, you have a clear, continuous range of vision without the need for bifocals or reading glasses.

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What makes the TECNIS Symfony® lens unique?

The TECNIS Symfony® IOL was designed with an extended depth of focus, which means you have vivid, seamless vision at all distances. This is in contrast to the TECNIS® Multifocal IOL, which is customized for patients who wish to see at one distance the majority of the time — up-close, intermediate or far away — without the need for glasses or contacts. Halos and glare around lights are also significantly reduced or eliminated after a TECNIS Symfony® lens is implanted during cataract surgery, which is not currently a benefit of standard IOLs.

Why choose the TECNIS Symfony® IOL over a standard IOL?

  • Most patients no longer need reading glasses after receiving a TECNIS Symfony® implant. Standard IOLs will not change the need for glasses after cataract surgery, and in many cases do not correct presbyopia.
  • Eliminate pesky halos and glare surrounding lights after cataract surgery, a common side effect of standard IOLs.
  • Correct presbyopia and astigmatism with a toric version of the lens, called the TECNIS Symfony® Toric IOL.
  • Improve vision at all distances, which standard lenses cannot do.

Who is a good candidate for the TECNIS Symfony® lens?

The TECNIS Symfony® IOL is ideal for patients who are already candidates for receiving cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the Symfony IOL is implanted in the eye. The Symfony IOL is used to replace the cataract affected lens in the eye, leaving in its path clearer vision. The Symfony IOL doesn’t affect the way that cataract surgery is performed. Instead, it only changes the way that you see after. Most patients are able to see more clearly almost immediately after surgery, and full results are achieved thereafter.

For more information about the TECNIS Symfony® IOL, visit Johnson & Johnson Vision, the makers of the TECNIS Symfony® IOL.