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Ocular Surface Disease

eye_imageThe ocular (eye) surface includes two major territories: the cornea and the conjunctiva, bordered by upper and lower lids. The eye does not have skin like the rest of the body as a protectant, instead the ocular surface is covered by a thin layer of tear film. Healthy tear film is necessary for good ocular surface health. The ocular surface controls our ability to have clear vision, comfortable eyes and guards against infection.

People who have an ocular surface disease can suffer from loss of vision, discomfort, infection, erosion, ulceration, and destruction with scarring of the eye surface.

Sierra Nevada Eye Center in Carson City and Reno specializes in treating ocular surface diseases. Dry eye is a common condition in our region due to our climate; there are several ways we can treat this disease as well as other ocular surface diseases that affect many people in our area. We encourage you to read through the links provided below and to set up a consultation to discuss your treatment options.