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Like Dry Eye Syndrome, blepharitis is a very common condition treated at Sierra Nevada Eye Center.
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What is blepharitis?

BlepharitisBlepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margins that can result in styes and eye infections, as well as chronic irritation, redness, tearing, and burning and itching. It can exacerbate Dry Eye Syndrome as well. Blepharitis is a very common eye disorder, can affect people of any age, and tends to be a chronic condition that may require ongoing doctor visits and treatment. There are two types of blepharitis. Anterior blepharitis is caused by bacterial infection or seborrheic inflammation, and often results in crusting around the eyelid edges. Posterior blepharitis is an inflammatory disorder of the meibomian glands that line the edges of the eyelids.

How is blepharitis treated?

A thorough eye exam is required to evaluate and diagnose blepharitis. Treatment depends on the type of blepharitis that is present, and may consist of prescription ointments or drops, warm compresses, lid hygiene with over-the-counter products, and/or oral medications.

For more information about blepharitis, visit the National Eye Institute website.

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